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Are you a newbie online Bingo player? Have you played Bingo in a land based venue but are now looking to experience the joys of playing Bingo online? Well if this rings true with you then take a read through our easy to follow how to play Bingo guide below which will show you all there is to know about playing Bingo online.

Step one - You first need to decide whether you want to play in either a Download Bingo format or by an instant play No Download format, we have covered both these topics in separate articles so check them over to find out the benefits of both of them.

Next you will need to decide which online Bingo site you wish to play at, there are literally hundreds of online Bingo sites available to you and more are being added each day! But we have listed our top rated sites in our Bingo Reviews section so take a look and find one which appeals to you.

You will also find a large range of Best Free Bingo Bonuses offered by our leading online Bingo sites and these can add great value to your online Bingo budget so what ever you do make sure you take full advantage of these offers and promotions.

Once you have chosen a Bingo site at which to play you will then have to register as a new player this will take a couple of minutes and then you can log into the Bingo room and choose a Bingo game to play.

Purchasing credits is a very safe and secure procedure and you simply need to visit the cashiers interface of the Bingo site at which you are playing. You can use many different methods for making a deposit and this can be an e-wallet type account of even your debit or credit card.

Once you have funded you Bingo account you then need to simply purchase tickets for the next Bingo game, you can choose as many or as few Bingo tickets as you like and you can also pre buy tickets for jackpot Bingo games that may be running when you are not online.

Once the Bingo game begins the Bingo software will automatically keep track of all your Bingo tickets and then if you have a winning ticket the software will also call Bingo for you! How easy is that!

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