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If you are looking for the best range of 90 Ball Bingo Games then the only site you should be considering to visit is the leading online Bingo site that is Vics Bingo and the reason for this is that they have loads of different online Bingo Rooms with in their site that offers 90 ball Bingo games.

The Room where you can play 90 ball Bingo include their Friendship Room where making new Bingo fiends is easy, the very colorful Rainbow Room, their action packed Snickers Room and of course their Sunshine Room, these rooms all have a different look and feel and more importantly all offer 90 ball Bingo games.

To enlighten you on what each of their 90 ball Bingo rooms have to offer let us now take a closer look. Their Friendship Room: Fun is both warm and friendly, and here not only can you make new Bingo buddies but as well as playing 90 ball Bingo games you can also meet up and chat and gossip with Bingo players the world over.

The Rainbow Room, is the place to head to if you like you Bingo both fast and furious, they have a huge schedule of 90 Ball Bingo games running day and night and with the emphasis on speed you will love the flow of the game.

The Snickers Room offers you a whole new online Bingo experience where you will have plenty of fun and games in a relaxed and comical atmosphere. Check it out if you want to relieve the stress of the day, kick of your shoes and have plenty of 90 ball Bingo fun and games.

The Sunshine Room is a cute little room which is hugely popular with afternoon Bingo players who are looking to play 90 ball Bingo games and also have a little bit of fun as they do so, plenty of low priced Bingo cards are available and plenty of Bingo jackpot games are offered.

Don't forget that when playing 90 Ball Bingo games you are playing for the following:

1 Line Win - This is the first prize offered and here you simply need to get five numbers on any one of the three horizontal lines.

2 Line Win - This is when you have crossed off two lines of five numbers on any of your Bingo cards.

Full House - This is when you have managed to cross of all 15 numbers on any one of your Bingo card.

South Beach Bingo