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New Bingo variants are very rare, but there is a fairly new type of Bingo game that has recently made its appearance online and slowly but surely players are warming to this brand new Bingo game.

The game we are talking about is 80 Ball Bingo and if you have never come across this type of Bingo game before then please allow us to enlighten you to all there is to know about it! You never know you may just warm to it and fancy giving it a try.

We won't be handing any prizes for guessing how many Bingo balls are used in the game of 80 Ball Bingo as the clue is in the Bingo game name! Yep, you guessed it there are 80 Bingo balls in play!

The main difference in this Bingo game and the other is that the Bingo card you will get is smaller, it has 4 numbers in a row across and 4 numbers in each four columns, so in total there are just 16 numbers on each 80 Ball Bingo card.

Due to there being just 16 numbers on each card this means the game of 80 Ball Bingo is very fast and very furious and in no time at all the Bingo game will be over as someone will have made a winning claim, so if this is how you like to play Bingo then 80 Ball Bingo will be the Bingo game for you.

If you fancy giving 80 Ball Bingo a try then the one site we highly recommend you visit is South Beach Bingo. They are part of the media group who produce one of the most read newspapers and this means that whenever you choose to play you will be in very safe hands from one of the most respected companies.

They are giving all new players who sign up a massive new player deposit money match bonus and all of this extra Bingo cash will enable you to sit down and play their 80 Ball Bingo games, which all come with some very healthy jackpots.

The have several ways you can deposit and play and when it comes to cashing out your winnings they won't keep you hanging around, checkout their website for more details and get playing 80 Ball Bingo today. They also have on going promotions and offers that will mean you can always get something extra when you want to play 80 Ball Bingo.

South Beach Bingo