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75 Ball Bingo is just one of a few different types of Bingo games that can be played online or off line and in this section of the website we shall enlighten you to all there is to know about this very popular Bingo game.

There are 75 Bingo balls in use in the game of 75 Ball Bingo and these are the numbers one through to and including 75, these are placed in a Bingo drum and are called out one number at a time by the Bingo caller.

When you purchase a Bingo ticket in the game of 75 Ball Bingo you will be given a card that has 25 numbers printed onto it. These numbers are in a grid format with five numbers across and five numbers in a row. The number in the middle of your Bingo card is often a free number which means you can cross this position off without having to have a number called out.

Each column on the grid had a letter also associated with it, these numbers spell out the word BINGO, and the first 15 numbers all have a B before them, the next 15 have an I before them and so on.

As the numbers are called out the Bingo software will automatically cross them off from your purchased Bingo cards and this software will keep track of which tickets are requiring certain numbers. Once you have a winning card the Bingo software will call house automatically for you.

Due to the layout of the Bingo cards there are a huge number of winning patterns that you will be playing for when you play 75 Ball Bingo. The most common are a line across, upwards, downwards, diagonally or even the four corner numbers.

All Bingo sites we feature have what are called Bingo Chat Games, and these games use 75 Ball Bingo, you will be playing for extra Bonuses when you play these Chat Games and will win them for hitting certain patters. So have a good look around our website and you will find the perfect place to play 75 Ball Bingo games.

The Bingo patterns you play for when playing 75 Ball Bingo can change on every new game that starts so always bear this in mind when you play and keep your eyes peeled for which new pattern has come in to play.

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